Transference Healing® allows you to achieve wellness and spiritual growth as well as empower your health and your life. If you seek balance, happiness, peace and fulfilment, then look no further! Transference sessions are described as profound, empowering, magical and life changing.

Beyond Doorways 1 Workshop

This profound and transformational one day workshop will not only provide you with detailed information about the earth and human changes, but will most importantly teach you a vital healing process that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle, to help maintain the wellness of yourself, your family and friends.
$450 – 1 days

Beyond Doorways 2 Workshop

This workshop enables you to work with and understand more of the Mystery School concepts and teachings of transference Healing® and works with alternate chapters to level one. It involves crystal scull work, gridding and templating work.
$450 – 1 day

Child of Light Workshop

This workshop is an amazing and necessary workshop which supports Mothers to not only work on themselves, but more specifically to work with and understand the unique qualities or inner nature of new born babies and the children of the New Millennium.
$450 – 1 day

Animal Magic Workshop

This magical and powerful workshop enables you to work with the Animal Magic Deck of divination cards, to find the mythical totem animal and learn to work the Elemental Kingdoms.
$350 – 1 day

Transference Healing – Fundamentals

In stepping into a fundamentals training you are not only learning to facilitate this divine technology, you will be learning to create the alchemy in the body needed to support the anchoring of the lightbody. Importantly you will be taking the first step toward self-mastery by learning to heal thyself. In working on yourself you will not only be working on your physical body and your consciousness but your reality as well. You will be shifting and upgrading, creating changes in your reality and initiating and supporting changes in those around you, particularly your immediate family.

$2350- 3 days

Alex Cartwright is the Channel, Anchor and Founder of Transference Healing®. This practice is independently owned and operated by Jo Walsh under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd ACN 121 645 047